Stocks Open the Second Half of 2018 on a Positive Note

Excerpt from Louis Navellier's Marketmail - 07/10/2018

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The S&P rose 1.52% last week with the biggest surge (+0.85%) on Friday. NASDAQ did even better (+2.37%) while the Russell 2000 doubled the S&P 500 with a 3.10% gain. Earlier in the week, market oscillations were caused by air pockets that are common in the summer months and may continue in upcoming weeks. However, thanks to record stock buyback activity as well as dividend increases, the market continues to meander steadily higher. Whenever the market meanders higher on light trading volume, that is a very good sign, since it can potentially go up a lot more when trading volume rises when the second quarter announcement season begins.

If you drove a lot during the long holiday week, don't get mad about the high prices at the pump. Instead, you can profit from those higher gas prices. Refiners are expected to post very strong earnings from the highest "crack" spreads in approximately three years. Our stocks that receive a double-A grade ("A" in both Dividend Grader and Portfolio Grader) are dominated by refiners like Valero Energy (VLO), which should post exceptionally strong earnings from those spreads.

(Please note; Louis Navellier currently personally owns a position in VLO, Navellier currently owns a position in VLO for client portfolios)

I also bet that your weather has been sizzling hot lately! Not only is the US setting record-high temperatures, but so is Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. This hot weather is helping boost natural gas demand, since much of the US has natural gas power plants designed to meet extraordinarily high air conditioning demand. That means the only weak energy commodity, natural gas, is now resurging, since the weather is expected to remain hot well into September.

Also, multiple "heat domes" around the world are creating tropical depressions, so it looks like this could be a record season for hurricanes, so re-insurance companies like Berkshire Hathaway may be at risk if we suffer more natural disasters, such as the new wave of fires out West.

(Please note; Louis Navellier currently does not own a position in Berkshire Hathaway, Navellier currently does not own a position in Berkshire Hathaway for client portfolios)

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