After a Rapid Recovery, Stock Selection is Very Important

Excerpt from Louis Navellier's Marketmail - 3/19/2019

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The S&P 500 has now risen 20% since its Christmas Eve low and the VIX (volatility index) is now at its lowest level since early October, when the stock market peaked, and ETF arbitrage spun out of control. 

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article last week entitled, “Riskier Stocks Are Paying Off.” The article concluded that companies with weaker earnings are outperforming those with steadier profits. If you have any questions about your stocks, I urge you to use my Dividend Grader and Stock Grader databases, which are not experiencing the same issue, probably because my Quantitative grade measures include persistent institutional buying pressure, which sometimes transcends the traditional fundamentals. The bottom line is that the fundamentals are working, especially for stocks with high Quantitative grades.

Our friends at Bespoke Investment Group also pointed out that the smallest stocks in the S&P 500, based on market capitalization, continue to substantially outperform the overall S&P 500. This bottom 10% (50 stocks) is more domestic-oriented, less adversely impacted by a strong U.S. dollar that continues to negatively impact large multinational companies that are being hurt by a global economic slowdown.

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