Despite Wall Street's "Scare of the Week," Good Stocks Keep Rising

Excerpt from Louis Navellier's Marketmail - 4/2/2019

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A slightly-inverted yield curve continues to spook investors, but our friends at Bespoke Investment Group documented the fact that during the previous six yield curve inversions, the S&P 500 rose by an average 1.75%, 6.16%, and 8.13% over the next month, three months, and year, respectively. Even more dramatic, after the last four times the yield curve first inverted, the S&P averaged gains of 19% after 12 months.

Our friends at Bespoke also like to follow the “smart money” on Wall Street. They noted last week that in January and February these “smart” folks liked to buy during the last hour of trading (3-4 pm EST). But in March, Bespoke says, there has not been much buying pressure in the last hour. This has raised some concerns that these smart buyers may have turned into patient net sellers, implying a coming correction.

Either way, I think the evidence is clear that today’s stock market is getting much more selective, due largely to the anticipation of a rapid deceleration in corporate earnings for the next two or three quarters, so this is the time in a recovery cycle when we try to be super-selective in our stock portfolio selections.

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