Earnings May Eke Out a Small Gain in the First Quarter!

Excerpt from Louis Navellier's Marketmail - 4/30/2019

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The S&P and NASDAQ both reached all-time highs on Friday, but the big news last week is that there may be a switch in leadership in the social media space. Previously, investors seemed worried that Twitter (TWTR) was purging some users. However, last week Twitter posted better-than-expected first-quarter sales and earnings, due largely to the fact that advertisers and users appreciated the company’s attempt to curtail abuse from (1) disinformation, (2) fake news, and (3) bullying. The fact that Twitter is tackling social media abuse while boosting advertising revenue bodes well for Twitter surpassing Facebook as a social media leader. (It doesn’t hurt that President Trump is an active Twitter user.)

Meanwhile, negative 10-year yields in both Japan and Germany put downward pressure on U.S. Treasury bond yields, which promotes the “Goldilocks” environment that has fueled much of the stock market rally this year. So far, nearly half (46%) of the S&P 500’s announcements are in, and first-quarter sales are up at a 5.1% annual pace, and 77% of S&P companies have reported a positive surprise in earnings! The analyst community now expects the S&P 500’s first-quarter earnings to fall 0.6%, up from -3.9% just a month ago. It is now possible that the S&P 500 may eke out a small gain when all is said and done.

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