First-Quarter Sales and Earnings Delivered Positive Surprises

Excerpt from Louis Navellier's Marketmail - 5/21/2019

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First-quarter announcement season is now more than 90% complete and I am happy to report that the S&P 500’s sales are up 5.9% and earnings are up 2.2%, which is a stunning surprise, since the analyst community had predicted negative earnings growth and 4% sales growth. Accelerating sales growth is a sign of overall GDP growth and a likely sign that we’ll see positive surprises in upcoming quarters, too.

Treasury rates dipped below 2.4% last week. The lower rates go, the more aggressive the corporate stock buybacks will likely be. On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal featured an excellent article entitled “Booming Buybacks Aren’t Likely to Wane Despite Market Volatility.” (Check it out, if you can.) In late May, after first quarter earnings announcement season ends, I expect to see many more stock buybacks.

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Most of our authors focus on the positive side of the U.S./China trade talk impasse. The U.S. holds the winning hand and China seems to be shooting itself in the foot. Bryan Perry focuses on the slowing growth rate in China and the opportunity in U.S. defensive blue-chip stocks paying high dividend yields. Gary Alexander disputes the assumption that inflation will return if high tariffs remain in place over time, while Ivan Martchev argues that China seems to use these latest tariffs as cover for a long-term strategy of yuan devaluation. Jason Bodner covers the sectors that have sold-off in the latest “controlled-burn” correction, while I argue that these trade tensions will not hurt the U.S. economy or the market, long-term.

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