Last Week Delivered a Massive Rotational Correction in Stocks

Excerpt from Louis Navellier's Marketmail - 9/17/2019

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Last week delivered a relatively nasty rotational correction that punished the previous winners and rewarded some perennial laggards. In one of their excellent research reports, our friends at Bespoke Investment Group (BIG) put this trend more bluntly, calling the recent market gyrations a “Dash for Trash.” Their latest weekly Bespoke Report showed how August’s winners were often September’s big losers. For instance, small cap stocks and low P/E-ratio stocks rebounded impressively last week.

The truth of the matter is that these air pockets and rotational corrections are very common in September, which is a weak seasonal month. Fortunately, the Fed will be cutting key interest rates this week, and then quarter-ending window dressing should revive most of my powerful growth stocks, especially those that are characterized by strong fundamentals, such as rapidly rising forecasted sales and earnings.

In This Issue:

Last week represented a reversal on many levels, creating several new buying opportunities. Bryan Perry isolates one such opportunity in specific REITs. Gary Alexander covers the historical benefits of today’s gridlock in Washington, while Ivan Martchev analyzes who may benefit from last week’s drone strike on Saudi oil facilities. Jason Bodner sees new and unusual buying activity in most S&P sectors, while I see an escalating war of words between the President and the Fed in advance of this week’s FOMC meeting.

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