Market Corrects on a Trade War Skirmish, Not Saudi's Hot War

Excerpt from Louis Navellier's Marketmail - 9/24/2019

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The market was fairly flat last week until Friday’s correction, but the Dow Industrials and S&P 500 are still up about 2% for September, and we will likely see a strong close of the month due to quarter-ending window dressing. That’s when many institutional investors accumulate fundamentally superior stocks in anticipation of reporting their third-quarter results and their list of quarter-ending stock holdings.

There were big new developments in short-term U.S. interest rates and geopolitical developments in the Middle East (which I’ll discuss in detail later), but those events didn’t impact the market much. The market fell most sharply Friday after Chinese delegates cancelled a planned trip to a Montana farm, in a trip widely seen to be helpful toward ending the trade spat, but I see that as a minor trade war skirmish.

In This Issue:

Bryan Perry sees great opportunity in this new supply disruption in the Middle East, namely in the energy infrastructure Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) focusing on the Permian Basin. Gary Alexander calls our attention to the growing worker shortage in the U.S. and the historical ignorance which makes some think we are more “divided” (or violent) than ever. Ivan Martchev is taking the week off, while Jason Bodner examines the hidden level of institutional buying behind last week’s big sell-offs. I’ll return with a more detailed look at last week’s big events – the attack on Iran’s oil fields and the Fed’s latest actions.

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