Market Dips Slightly on Escalating Middle East Tensions

Excerpt from Louis Navellier's Marketmail - 7/23/2019

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After reaching another all-time high last Monday, July 15, the S&P 500 remained right around its new plateau of 3,000 before falling late Friday to close down 1.23% for the week. The essence of the reason for the decline was escalating tensions in Iran. President Trump on Friday said that Iran is “nothing but trouble,” and said the standoff with Tehran will eventually work out “very nicely.” Trump also said that “Iran is showing their colors” with the seizures and added that “Iran is in big trouble right now,” because its economy has been crippled by economic sanctions. Since Iran’s hostile actions have offended many allies, the pressure for Iran to return to the negotiating table continues to mount. There is growing hope that Iran will cease its hostile actions in the Strait of Hormuz when it returns to the negotiating table.

Oddly enough, crude oil prices fell sharply last week on the anticipation of any impending talks with Iran. This should help keep inflation low and support the Fed’s continued inclination to cut key interest rates.

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