Old Worries End, New Worries Emerge, But Stocks Keep Rising

Excerpt from Louis Navellier's Marketmail - 2/20/2019

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The stock market celebrated last week over a bipartisan budget deal reached on Tuesday, making another federal government shutdown unlikely, despite the fact that the President was not happy with the resulting agreement. Like most such Congressional bipartisan agreements, both sides were somewhat perturbed, especially since the President subsequently declared a “state of emergency” to fully fund his border wall.

Furthermore, it continues to be widely reported that the Chinese trade negotiations are proceeding well enough that the new tariffs that were to be imposed on March 1st will not be implemented. With the China trade deal fears largely dissipated and a shutdown off the table, the stock market staged a big relief rally.

Speaking of politics, if you are looking for something to worry about, Britain’s March 29th exit from the European Union (EU) is shaping up to be a potential disaster for both the British pound and the euro. Ironically, Brexit uncertainty is good for the U.S., since the U.S. dollar is the beneficiary of international capital flight, which continues to suppress Treasury yields. In my management company’s top-rated ETF portfolios, we are invested in two Treasury ETFs staggered along the yield curve. 

Ironically, the last time our top-rated ETF portfolios were parked in Treasuries was 2016, when we sold Treasury ETFs the day after the surprising Brexit vote that caused the 10-year Treasury yield to plunge to 1.36% in a global flight to quality. We hope to profit from Brexit again if Treasury yields move lower.

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