Stocks Enjoy Their Best First Half in Over 20 Years

Excerpt from Louis Navellier's Marketmail - 7/2/2019

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The S&P 500 posted its best first half (+17.3%) since 1997, capped by the best June (+6.9%) since 1955. Stocks were especially strong on the last two days of June, likely to quarter-ending window dressing, which is a very good sign that institutional buying pressure will likely persist as earnings season heats up!

Early last week, the market was essentially “on hold” as investors waited for the outcome of last weekend’s G20 meeting in Japan with President Trump and Chinese President Xi, but on Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on CNBC that “we are about 90% of the way [to a deal] and I think there’s a path to complete this,” which raised hope for a positive outcome and possible trade deal.

In exchange for returning to the negotiating table to pick up where China and U.S. trade negotiators left off, President Trump has agreed to postpone any additional tariffs, creating a face-saving atmosphere that makes both Trump and Xi both look good to their respective countries for negotiations over the summer.

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Our authors have mixed views of the G20 summit. Bryan Perry fears that their posturing may be more “lipstick on a pig” than real progress, while Ivan Martchev sees signs of progress in both North Korea and China trade. Both see a rising U.S. market in the second half. Gary Alexander chronicles a great first half but sees “termites” eating away at our future growth in the form of high and rising deficits. Jason Bodner dives deep into last week’s anomaly in falling indexes across the board – except for the Russell 2000. Then I’ll return with a look at the latest indicators and the new debate between recession or 2% growth?

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