Upcoming Webinar 3/6

Tactical Economic Portfolio

“Tactical Investing in a Late Stage Bull Market”

The Tactical Economic Portfolio seeks long term growth of capital with low to moderate downside volatility. The strategy is a quantitative ETF model that generates signals for an allocation between Growth, Balanced, and Defensive positions. The portfolio has a moderate growth risk tolerance and is intended to be suitable for investors who want a dynamic approach to asset allocation and for investors who desire active risk management for downside protection.

What we'll cover in this webinar:

• Is a late stage bull market the right time to implement a tactical strategy?

• Learn how the Tactical Economic portfolio may protect client assets in a bear market.

• Summary performance: GIPs verified and over 8 year performance history since inception.

• Strategy continues to manage drawdowns through recent market volatility. Portfolio moved to Balanced equity and fixed income in Q4 2018.

• Portfolio typically experiences low single digit volatility and low portfolio drawdowns.